“…mechanics are what gives a game its flavor”

March 1, 2023
Mark Swanson
1 minutes

November 9, 2018 | Originally broadcast on Board Game Revolution’s “The Design Room,” hosted by Marco Cervone with Guest Mark Swanson.

This broadcast is chock-full of deep insights into game mechanics in board game design. Mark and Marco discuss key mechanics, connecting mechanics to theme and pitfalls to avoid! This is a MUST listen!

Intro (4:00) 
Introducing: Mark Swanson (5:22)
What are some of the key mechanics (6:20) 
How do you choose a central mechanic? (10:15)
What to design first? Theme or mechanic? (13:37)
Mechanic mismatches? (14:45)
Incentivize players to do the things you want them to do (15:45)
How theme and mechanics inform the rules (20:17)
Endgame triggers  (21:00)
Mechanic criticisms and pitfalls to avoid (21:45)
Balancing the game (20:30)